About the developer

Practical Scriptwriter is developed by Jon Bird, an independent software developer based in Cardiff, UK.

In 2000, Jon went left a career in IT and went solo to leverage a long term interest in the creative process to develop the original Practical Scriptwriter to address the need of aspiring writers submitting scripts to the BBC.

This software is an ongoing project to make the most useful writing application possible. Since 2005 the project has benefited from input by talented writers, artists and educational practitioners.

Practical Scriptwriter is run on green and ethical principles. We believe talent is present everywhere, it just needs to be nurtured.

scriptwriting logo

Our logo represents the campfire, the earliest form of storytelling.

The three flames of the campfire represent the three essential parts of any story, the beginning, middle and end. The interweaving of the flames represents the interweaving of the plot.